Edinburgh Playgrounds and Play Parks A to Z

A-Z of Public Playgrounds in Edinburgh

Happy New Year, everyone! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? My 7 year old says his is to try and visit as many different playgrounds and play parks in Edinburgh this year as he can. In fact, we visited our first one earlier today on our New Year’s Day walk. Edinburgh has well over 100 public playgrounds but very helpfully, the City of Edinburgh Council has an alphabetical list of them all, which I used as a reference point. Sadly, their map doesn’t seem to work any more, so being a bit of a map fanatic I made my own using Google Maps! (Edit June 2023: The CEC map is back! But we will continue updating our map.)

There were a couple from the Edinburgh City Council list that I didn’t include, as I could not verify their location, but that still left me with over 130 playgrounds, play parks and play areas to plot on the map. I also stumbled across some skate parks and ball courts as I went along, so I included those too as they might come in handy as the boys get older. I’ve used different icons to easily identify them.

We’ll use this map to tick off playgrounds as we visit them, and I will be sharing individual reviews as we go along. Another thing I love as much as I love making maps, is colour coding, so of course I’ve used some colour coding here too. Green are the playgrounds we’ve already visited and verified (this includes ones we’ve visited in the past), orange are the ones we have yet to visit, and grey are ones that have been marked as ‘temporarily closed’ on Google Maps.

Although I’ve made this map for our own enjoyment and the colouring coding is personal to us, I hope you’ll find it useful too if you’re visiting Edinburgh or even if you live here. If you want to use it on your phone while you’re out and about, just click on this link to open the map directly: OPEN MAP

Finally, it’s always good to know whether it’s worth while making a trip across town to a specific playground or not, so if there are any playgrounds in Edinburgh that you’ve visited that you would personally recommend, then please let us know in the comments!

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