Edinburgh Playgrounds Update

It’s been 18 months, since my 8 year embarked on his quest to visit as many different playgrounds in Edinburgh as he can. The project is still going strong, and to date we have visited, photographed and reviewed 30 playgrounds across the city (actually, make that 29 playgrounds in the city, and one that sneaked in from North Queensferry – but what a great one it was too!)

For anyone who is new to this blog, or who missed the initial post about it, you can find all the info about our playground project – including a live map of all the playgrounds, that you can load on to your phone – in our previous post: A-Z of Public Playgrounds in Edinburgh

From the live map, you’ll also be able to click through to the reviews of the individual playgrounds, or you can find them all in the blog archives under the tag ‘playground‘.

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