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Planning for July

This year, I’m trying to be more organised in planning ahead for each month. In case it helps anyone else be more organised too, I’ll be sharing our monthly list of things to do, plan, remember and celebrate. And for those who want to be extra organised, there’s a free downloadable printable at the end of this post too, to help you make your own monthly list.

July Planner Free Printable

To Do

Uniform and school shoes shopping

This month there is really only one time sensitive task, and that’s getting read to back to school which always starts in mid August here in Scotland. I like to get everything sorted mid to end July, so that we don’t have a mad panic when August comes around. It’s also good to leave a bit of a buffer, in case there’s anything we can’t find first time round and need to shop around for. This year will be the first time I have a primary schooler AND a high schooler to sort out – yelp!

Wash winter coats

I like to take the opportunity over the summer, when even in Scotland it’s to warm to wear heavy coats, to wash all our winter coats as a) they are not needed at that time, and b) I can hang them outside where they will dry much quicker, as we don’t have a dryer. Even if the kids have grown out of last year’s coats, I still want to wash them so they are clean for re-selling or donating in Autumn.

Time to Forage For

We’ve really gotten in to foraging over the past couple of years, so in my forward planning I’m going to include a reminder of what plants to forage for each month. This will of course vary hugely depending on which part of the world you live in. For us, it’s what’s ready to forage here in central Scotland. I’ve included two versions of the monthly download – one with, and one without a section for foraging (they’re both in the same document).

In July we’ll be foraging for…

  • Raspberries
  • Wild strawberries
  • Yarrow

Dates for Our Diary

I think July is just about the only month of the year where we have no specific dates in our diary to look out for! But, as always, you can make your own list with the handy planner that you can download at the end of this post.

Coming Up Next Month

One thing I’ve found with monthly planning, is that the things that happen at the beginning of the month can often take you by surprise (like World Book Day, every single year!) So that’s why at the beginning of each month I’ll also be reminding myself what’s coming up the following month…

  • Back to school!

>> Download your July Planner

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    5 July 2022

    It is always good to be prepared and look at the coming month so you know what you need to do and tick off along the way

  • reply
    5 July 2022

    I’m always so rubbish at remembering to get school uniforms during the holidays that I must admit it is usually a mad panic for us – it’s so hard to to think about the new school year when you’re enjoying the summer break. I think it’s a great idea to use a planner for the month and be more organised about it though – I could definitely do with less back-to-school stress!

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