Meadows toddler play area

{Edinburgh} Meadows Toddler Play Area

I have another playground to share with you today. This is one that we used to visit a lot when the boys were younger, but as it’s aimed at toddlers they have now outgrown it. It still gets a bug thumbs up though, as we loved it here when they were little. I’ve finally managed to head back there though to take some photos to add it to our map.

Meadows toddler play area

The Meadows Toddler Play Area is on the north side of the Meadows, to the east of the Middle Meadow Walk. It’s sandwiched in between the Meadows Community Garden and the tennis court. It’s a large-ish fenced in area with play equipment aimed at toddlers, but there’s also ample extra space for little ones to safely run around in or to have a picnic on the grass without fear of being knocked over by dogs, frisbee players or the general crowds that the Meadows attracts in summer. The nearby East Meadows Playpark also has play equipment for toddlers, but because it’s so popular and for all ages it can get REALLY busy. This toddler play area offers a great alternative for little ones who easily get overwhelmed as it’s always more quiet and less busy.

You also have the Community Garden right next door, with it’s Little Free Library. Although it tends to mostly have grown up books, we’ve also occasionally found and swapped some kids books there. And for your parental coffee needs, there’s the Uplands Roads coffee van is just a 2-3 minute walk away. There are also public toilets just a 5 minute walk away, on the east corner of the Meadows.

Update (June 2023): The red single slide has been removed. Will update if there is any change.
Update (March 2024): Still no replacement yet for the removed slide.

Playground Stats

Name: Meadows Toddler Play Area
Location: The Meadows, Edinburgh
Map coordinates: 55.94166, -3.18759
Best for: Toddlers
Ground cover: Rubber; Grass
Rating: Thumbs Up
Last visited: March 2024

Play Equipment

  • Toddler swings
  • Carousel
  • Two toddler play units with climbing net and slide
  • Single taller slide


  • Benches
  • Picnic table
  • Lots of fenced in space to run around
  • Nearby coffee van on North Meadow Walk (2 mins)
  • Next to Community Garden with picnic table and Little Free Library
  • Public toilets nearby (5 mins)

How to get there

The Meadows Toddler Play Area is located within the Meadows Park. As the park is open on all sides, there are several bus options to get there, depending which direction you are coming from.

From the north, take a bus to the start of the Middle Meadow Walk. Then walk down the Middle Meadow Walk and turn left in to North Meadow Walk at the big crossroads in the middle of the Meadows.

Closest Bus Stops

No. 23, 27, 35, 45, 47 Lothian Bus: Lauriston Place (7 mins)

No. 2, 23, 27, 435, 1, 45: Forest Road (8 mins)

No. 2, 41, 42, 47 Lothian Bus: Bristo Place (10 mins)

Getting off on the east or south side of the park is much closer though. On the east side, get off at Buccleuch Street/ Hope Park Crescent and straight go along North Meadow Walk, past the toilets (you’ll also pass the much bigger East Meadows Playpark on your way). On the south side of the park, get off on Melville Drive and head up Townswomen’s Guild Walk.

Closest Bus Stops

No. 41, 42 Lothian Bus: Buccleuch Terrace (4 mins)

No. 41 Lothian Bus: Gladstone Terrace (3 mins)

Check out our A to Z map of public playgrounds in Edinburgh to plan your next playground visit, and let us know your favourites that you think we should check out in the comments below!

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