Bruntsfield Links Playground

{Edinburgh} Bruntsfield Links Playground

Today I’ve got another playground review for you. This is the playground we probably visit the most, as it’s closest to our house. In fact, we were just there yesterday (though the photos are from previous visits when we had sunnier weather). According to the sign at the playground, it’s officially called the ‘West Meadows Play Area’ but I’ve never heard anyone call it that. Although it is opposite the west end of the Meadows, it’s located within Bruntsfield Links and everyone I know just refers to it as Bruntsfield Links playground.

Bruntsfield Links Playground

The focal point of the playground is a large climbing structure, with balancing beams, nets, a tunnel, and a medium height slide. There’s also a separate taller slide, as well as a set of swings (both regular and baby seat swings), some wobble boards, and a small roundabout. The surfacing around all these play structures is rubber.

Bruntsfield Links Playground

In a grassy area on the far side of the playground, there is also a small area specifically aimed at toddlers, with a mini climbing structure and slide. The entire playground is fenced in, and there is also a picnic table and several park benches.

Bruntsfield Links Playground

My 11 year old started to outgrow this playground a while ago, I’d say it’s probably best suited for children up to age 8 or so. But he does still like to play some form of parkour chase with his brother or his friends on the large climbing structure. And, of course, the regular swings are good for older kids too. My 7 year old still really loves this playground, and we regularly bump in to friends and other kids from his school here.

Edit (June 2023): The swings have been renewed, and the slide has been removed. Will update again once a new slide is in place.

Edit (March 2024): Still no replacement for the removed slide.

Playground Stats

Official name: West Meadows Play Area
Also known as: Bruntsfield Links Playpark
Location: Bruntsfield Links, opposite Glengyle Terrace/ Leven Terrace
Map coordinates: 55.9409, -3.19982
Best for: Toddlers, Juniors
Ground cover: Rubber
Rating: Thumbs up
Last visited: March 2024

Play Equipment

  • Multi-play unit with nets, balancing bridge, tunnel, climbing frames and slide
  • Large slide
  • Roundabout
  • Spring rocker 
  • Swings
  • Toddler swings
  • Toddler play unit with slide


  • Benches
  • Picnic table
  • Coffee hut (since April 2022)
  • Large park

How to get here

Brunstfield Links Playground (or West Meadows Play Area, if you want to call it by its official name) is located at the north end of Bruntsfield Links. The No.24 Lothian Bus stops directly opposite it, but there are also over half a dozen other buses that stop just a short 5 minute walk away.

Closest Bus Stops

No.24 Lothian Bus: Leven Terrace

No. 11, 15, 16, 23, 36, 45 Lothian Bus: Leven Street

No. 10, 27 Lothian Bus: Lochrin Buildings or Home Street

Check out our A to Z map of public playgrounds in Edinburgh to plan your next playground visit, and let us know your favourites that you think we should check out in the comments below!

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