Seven Acre Park Edinburgh

{Edinburgh} A Day Out at Seven Acre Park

Today we have the second half of our weekend trip to share with you. Like Buckstone Park, Seven Acre Park is also located in the South of Edinburgh, and it’s an absolute gem.

Seven Acre Park Edinburgh

Seven Acre Park has a lot going for it. The oddly shaped park is separated by a strip of woodland, with large fields either side of the woods. The main attraction is the north field, which is home to a popular playground. Besides the playground, which seemed to have a bit of everything for all ages, the north field boasts picnic tables, an outdoor gym, a table tennis table (though you need to bring your own equipment), basketball hoops and goal posts. There’s also a nature trail which goes around the north field and along the strip of woodland, and includes brass rubbing posts and wooden animal sculptures. The views from the north field are quite stunning too, with Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags on the horizon.

Seven Acre Park Edinburgh

As mentioned in yesterday’s review of Buckstone Park, a friend of mine gave me the tip that you can actually walk through the woodlands to get from one park to the other. If you ask Google Maps, it will try to take you back along the main road, but the woodland walk is much nicer and also shorter (Tip: the satellite view also shows you the paths through the wood). So you can make a day trip out of it and visit both parks. I’ll probably do a separate post on the walk itself, with more detailed directions, so keep your eyes open for that.


Playground Stats

Name: Seven Acre Park
Location: South Edinburgh
Map coordinates: 55.90749, -3.17556
Best for: Toddlers, Juniors
Ground cover: Rubber, wood chip, grass
Rating: Thumbs up 
Last visited: 15 May 2022

Play Equipment

  • Swings
  • Toddler swings
  • Roundabout 
  • Spring board
  • Multi-play unit with nets, slides, climbing features, tunnel and fireman’s pole 
  • Monkey bars 


  • Benches 
  • Picnic tables
  • Outdoor gym
  • Table tennis table
  • Goal posts
  • Basketball hoops
  • Big field 
  • Nature trail
  • Woodland

How to get there

Seven Acre Park is located in the south of Edinburgh, just south of the Braid Hills. The park is set back from the main roads, but there are a few buses that will get you close. 

No.11 Lothian Bus – The closest bus stop is actually Kaimes Crossroads, from there it’s roughly a 20 minute walk to the park. This is the way the Google Maps journey planner wants to take you. However, the route takes you along the main road and then through a housing estate. A much nicer route, is to get off at at Mortonhall Gate or Mortonhall Park Avenue depending which direction you’re coming from (Mortonhall Gate is closer, but the bus stop is only in one direction), then walk up past the garden centre and caravan park. It’s only about 5 minutes longer, but much more pleasant and you can say hello to the cute Highland cows in the field across from the Garden Centre on your way past.

No. 7, 37 & 47 Lothian Bus – The closest stop is probably Mortonhall Crematorium. A walk from there, through the housing estate to Seven Acre park will take around 12 minutes. Quite possibly Little Road is closer, but it’s not clear whether you can access Stanedykehead, the path that leads to the park, from Alnwickhill Road. The journey planner I’ve looked at all want to take me on a big detour, which makes me think there may be no entry coming from that side. But I’ve not seen it for myself, since we travel on the No. 11 (see above) so if you’re familiar with the area and know more, then please let me know and I will amend the directions. 

Check out our A to Z map of public playgrounds in Edinburgh to plan your next playground visit, and let us know your favourites that you think we should check out in the comments below!

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