Saughton Park Playground

{Edinburgh} Saughton Park Playground & Skate Park

It’s time to tell you about Saughton Park. We last visited at the end of December, so it doesn’t really count towards this years quest to visit as many playgrounds as we can, but while I’m sure we’ll visit again later this year it’s such a humdinger I wanted to share it as soon as possible. Saughton Park is the text book definition of a hidden gem, and has everything you need for a good day out so is definitely worth a trip across town.

Saughton Park Playground

Part of the wider Saughton Park complex, the playground includes something for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, and has some accessible play equipment too – such as a wheelchair accessible trampoline and roundabout, to make it inclusive of all children. The playground is split in to different zones, including a toddler zone, a sand play zone, and a climbing zone.

As well as the playground, Saughton Park also includes a skate park, a ball court and an outdoor gym. And within the beautiful formal walled gardens, you’ll find a winter garden, rose garden and physic garden, an orchard, a bandstand, toilets, and the Garden Bistro cafe. On top of all that, you have the Water of Leith flowing right past Saughton Park – a perfect opportunity for a riverside walk. With multiple bus routes as well as the Edinburgh tram leading to Saughton Park, there’s really no excuse not to make this the destination for your next day out!


Playground Stats

Name: Saughton Park
Location: Balgreen Road, Edinburgh
Map coordinates: 55.93527, -3.24893
Best for: All ages
Ground cover: Rubber; Wood chip; Sand
Rating: Double thumbs up

Play Equipment

  • Multi-level climbing nets with bird’s nest baskets and long slide
  • Several net climbing pyramids
  • Trampoline
  • Climbing wall
  • Junior play unit with tunnel, climbing features and slide
  • Toddler play unit with tunnel and short slide 
  • Toddler play train
  • Sand play area with multi-use play unit 
  • Swings for different ages and abilities
  • Roundabout
  • Spinning bowl
  • Hammock
  • See-saw
  • Spring boards/ horses 


  • Benches
  • Picnic tables
  • Toilets
  • Garden Bistro Cafe
  • Ball court with goals and basketball hoops
  • Skatepark
  • Outdoor gym
  • Walled gardens
  • Riverside walk

How to get there

Saughton Park is located in the south-west of the city, on the riverbanks of the Water of Leith. It’s flanked by Stevenson Drive, Balgreen Road and Gorgie Road. You can get to Saughton Park by bus or by tram. There are multiple bus line and stops to choose from, depending on which direction you are coming from (confusingly, some buses only stop at some bus stops in one direction but not the other).

Closest Tram Stop

Balgreen (7 mins walk)

Closest Bus Stops

No. 1, 2, 22, 38 Lothian Bus: Whitson Crescent or Balgreen Primary School (3-5 mins)

No, 1, 2, 22, 30 Lothian Bus: Stevenson Grove (3 mins)

No. 30, 38 Lothian Bus: Saughton Rose Gardens (2-4 mins)

No. 3, 25, 33, 38 Lothian Bus: Balgreen Road (5 mins)

No. 3, 35, 30, 33, 38 Lothian Bus: Saughton Park (5 mins)

Check out our A to Z map of public playgrounds in Edinburgh to plan your next playground visit, and let us know your favourites that you think we should check out in the comments below!

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