Apparently it's 'National Popcorn Day' today. I'm not entirely sure in which nation, but hey, any excuse to eat popcorn! And to share my favourite popcorn recipes with you. Because homemade popcorn definitely tastes best. We used to get those

Merry Christmas everybody! It's Christmas Eve, which here in Germany means that the Christmas celebrations start today. This afternoon we'll be going to church, afterwards we'll be opening presents, and for dinner we'll have potato salad and sausages. Another Christmas

It's the Second of Advent already, how time flies! We're off on a festive Advent steam train ride today, through wintery Berlin-Brandenburg. There are rumours St Nicholas will drop by too! When we come back, we'll probably have afternoon tea

With a popular weekly farmer's market just round the corner from our new apartment, I've been on a bit of a jam making mission over the summer. Both the children and adults in our family enjoy a nice jammy piece

Summer time is berry time. In fruit salads, as cake toppings, or simply as they are. In Germany, another popular fresh berry dish is 'Rote Grütze' - the literal translation is 'red gruel', which doesn't sound particularly appetizing. But in