We're in the middle of elderflower season, one of my favourite things about early summer. I just love the scent. We already made a big batch of elderflower cordial earlier this month, and I've run out of bottles and space

Whether picnic, BBQ or party, next to Germany’s favourite Kartoffelsalat (potato salad), a Nudelsalat (pasta salad) is never far away.  It’s also great in summer as a dinner dish, when it's too hot to want to cook after work -

We often have soup for dinner on Mondays, when everyone is off to sports at different times, but it's been too hot these past few days for anyone to want to eat soup. So today I made some gazpacho, which

Wild garlic season is coming to an end. Sob. But there's one easy way to preserve some of that green goodness for the rest of the year - wild garlic butter! It freezes surprisingly easy, and if you freeze it

I'm in wild garlic heaven at the moment. I've already made wild garlic & cheddar biscuits twice, eaten my weight in wild garlic pesto, and have some pickled wild garlic buds resting in the fridge. Another quick way to include

Wild garlic season is short. Even shorter is the window of opportunity to harvest wild garlic buds, before they bloom in to flowers. Pickled wild garlic bulbs are crunchy and aromatic, and taste delicious on thick slices of butter bread,

Let's talk about edible weeds. Last year, I share my recipe for soup made with ground elder - an incredibly invasive plant that is notoriously difficult to remove but actually used to be cultivated as a vegetable and was introduced

It's the peak season for wild garlic, both ramsons and few-flowered leek, so I simply must share our wild garlic & cheddar biscuits with you. There are absolutely more-ish! Ingredients 150g gluten free plain flour blend (I use Dove's Farm)*plus 1/4 tsp