Earlier this week, we had really mild weather in Edinburgh, and I thought maybe Spring was on its way. But then the temperature dropped again. So I'm giving one last 'high five' to Winter, with a round-up of our favourite

I've been asked quite a few times recently for recommendations of things to do in Edinburgh, from people planning a holiday there this year, which reminded me I've been meaning to tell you about our trip to Edinburgh Castle last

Just one more sleep until Pancake Day! It's a day we look forward to every year - not that we need an excuse to eat pancakes, haha. And despite the association many have, of pancakes being a sweet indulgence, it's

Valentine's Day is coming up next week. We've never really celebrated it romantically, as a couple, but I love how the Finnish celebrate it as a day of friendship. This is the first year that Oskar has really understood properly

In Germany, it's the middle of Carnival (or Fasching, depending which part of the country you're in) season at the moment, which started in November and reaches its peak next week on Shrove Monday, or Rose Monday as it's known there. It's a

I am really pleased to share the news, that I am featured on my friend Melanie's podcast Dejlige Days this week. Melanie is a relocation consultant based in Copenhagen, and has been interviewing various people about different aspects of expat