At this time of year, there are saints galore being celebrated in German tradition: first St Martin, then St Barbara, and today on the 6th December we are celebrating St Nicholas. There are many legends surrounding St Nicholas, who lived

The countdown to Christmas is on! If you're looking for some easy Christmas crafts to do with the kids, look no further than these cute lolly stick reindeer: If you prefer step by step instructions, then read on! First of all, you

Today I have another super easy craft idea to share with you that you can get the kids involved in - it's the most genius way to make Christmas star decorations! Credit where credit is due, it was actually my aunt

Have you spent the Autumn months foraging for nature's bounty with your kids? Acorns, conkers, leaves, pine cones - you name it, we've collected it. Here's an idea for creating a beautiful pine cone wreath to decorate your home with

It's Christmas Eve! In German tradition, Christmas Eve is the most important day for celebrating, so I'll be switching off for a bit, but I've recorded a very special book video to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! If you