We love making our own Christmas decorations, and where we can we try to reuse materials that would otherwise get thrown out. There's nothing like decorations that look pretty AND make you feel good about being eco friendly. One of

In Edinburgh, the Christmas holidays start tomorrow, which means keeping the kids entertained when excitement is already high. If you are still looking for some activities to do with your kids in the run up to the big day, check

One of those quintessentially British things that for me belong to Christmas, are peppermint creams. Every recipe I found online included raw eggs, but I wanted the boys to be able to eat them too without risk, so I tried

At this time of year, there are saints galore being celebrated in German tradition: first St Martin, then St Barbara, and today on the 6th December we are celebrating St Nicholas. There are many legends surrounding St Nicholas, who lived

The countdown to Christmas is on! If you're looking for some easy Christmas crafts to do with the kids, look no further than these cute lolly stick reindeer: If you prefer step by step instructions, then read on! First of all, you