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LGBT Street Party 2016 - preview

A Street Festival in Berlin’s Rainbow Quarter

I’ve mentioned before, that when we moved house last summer, we knowingly moved in to the heart of Berlin’s ‘Rainbow Quarter’. If you look up our neighbourhood in a guide book, it wouldn’t strike you as being typically popular with families. It has been one of the centres of Berlin’s gay scene since the 1920s, and […] Read more…

berlin pumpkin festival 2014 preview

Berlin Pumpkin Festival 2014

Just sharing some pics from our visit to the Berlin Pumpkin Festival today. We first discovered it last year, and it’s the perfect place to get a nice, big pumpkin for Hallowe’en – if you keep it in a cool place and don’t cut it open, it will easily last until then. Despite being surrounded […] Read more…

berlin pumpkin festival 2013 preview

Berlin Pumpkin Festival 2013

Yesterday, after having had it recommended by several people, we visited the annual pumpkin festival in Berlin Schöneberg, which was taking place over Saturday and Sunday along Akazien Strasse. Oh my goodness, why did we not know about this in previous years? There were pumpkins galore everywhere, ranging from tiny decorative ones, through several mid […] Read more…