It's Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week this week (29 April - 5 May). It's been thirteen and a half years since I first became a mother, and seven years since I first shared my story of how I struggled to

April was all about our trip to Wuppertal. Our first time making it over to Germany to visit my family, since December 2019. Wuppertal is set in a valley, and famous for it's steep hillsides and many, many steps. When you

We had another brief dusting of snow this month. March was all about World Book Day! My boys look forward to it months in advance. It might be Oskar's last time, as I don't think they dress up for it in

February brought some snow. Not enough to go sledging, but it still looked pretty. After a really mild January, my eldest chose the worst possible weekend - we're talking howling winds, pelting rain, and freezing temperatures, to go camping with his

We started off our year with some New Year's Day fun - little did we know that poor youngest child was already coming down with tonsillitis at this point. Just some of the gorgeous Christmas decorations around Edinburgh that were still

All of July were school summer holidays here in Edinburgh, but with our trip to Norway cancelled we spent the summer at home. It was an opportunity to enjoy our garden and local park a lot more, and as things

June was our last month of home schooling before the summer holidays. Instead of jetting of to Norway for our summer holidays as planned, we've been fighting cabin fever at home with lots of walks around the neighbourhood, come rain

April has been a funny old month, with everyone on lockdown. I don't think we've ever spent so much time at home for such a long period of time. We have mostly been sticking to our back garden, with an

November is always a busy month for us, with St Martin's Day, two birthdays, and the German Church Christmas Fair which we always help out with. St Martin's Day lantern procession Birthday No.1 Detective Birthday Party Birthday No.2 Pirate Birthday Party Making Advent wreaths for the