Reflections February 2022

February brought some snow. Not enough to go sledging, but it still looked pretty.

After a really mild January, my eldest chose the worst possible weekend – we’re talking howling winds, pelting rain, and freezing temperatures, to go camping with his Scouts for their Brass Monkey camp. He came home soaking wet and frozen through (though says he still enjoyed himself…)

During the February half term, my husband was away for work in London, so the boys and I had some fun together. One day, we just went to the local bookshop, bought some new books, then sat in the gondolas at one of the local cafes, reading and drinking hot chocolate. That’s what holidays are made for!

Towards the end of February, I headed off to Birmingham on my own for two nights. After a god awful breakfast at my motel on the first morning, I treated myself to a scrumptious brunch at Boston Tea Party on the second day.

It almost looks too pretty to eat! But don’t you worry, I ate every last crumb. And it was gluten free too.

The reason I was in Birmingham, was to attend the annual (pandemic permitting) Small Business Sunday (SBS) networking event run by Theo Paphitis, as I had won one of his #SBS Awards for my wee business Awsm Street a while back. I even got to meet the man himself, albeit briefly, when I picked up my certificate.

More snow! Most of this was while I was in Birmingham though. I don’t think the rest of the family went sledging.

Here’s my eldest on the ‘dress how you want to express yourself’ (or something like that) day they had at school. Bow ties are always a top choice for him!

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Also in February…

I watched…

Finally watched the movie Sing (2016) with the kids. Don’t know how we missed it all this time, it’s brilliant! It’s an animated movie that focuses on a struggling theatre owner who holds a singing competition to prevent his theatre from entering foreclosure, and apart from the great music in it also has some spot on messages about believing in yourself. And yes, you will be crying over some animated anthropomorphic animals! 

I also watched Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias on Netflix, which was a bit meh. Not as good as the first season. But of course, if there’s ever a third season I’ll probably watched it because they left so many loose ends. And I binge watched the first three seasons of The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime, which as you can obviously tell I enjoyed much more. I’d actually started it once before, must be at least a year ago, but didn’t get in to it then. Thought I’d give it another chance, and boom! I was hooked.

I visited…

The National Museum of Scotland, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, and during my trip to Birmingham – as mentioned above – I visited the Pen Museum and the Coffin Works museum, both of which were brilliant and really interesting. I do have a soft spot for quirky museums.

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