What's a party without some bunting! Whether you're celebrating the jubilee this weekend, or want to pretty up another occasion, making your own bunting in whatever colours or patterns you choose is a handy skill to have. And the great

We love Hallowe'en at our house, and usually have some kind of Hallowe'en party or gathering. A few years ago, we went all out and had a costume competition and a pumpkin carving contest, and I created some prize rosettes

We're half way through our summer holidays already here in Edinburgh and starting to think about the new term head. As mentioned before, my youngest will be starting Primary 1, something that is celebrated big style in German tradition. Three

Apologies for the silence on the blog this past week, but we have been gearing up for the big day - Einschulung! If you missed my previous post, this is what the school enrolment is called here in Germany, and it's