October Snapshots 2017

October in Snapshots, according to my iPhone (mostly)…


Autumn cupcakes from our favourite neighbourhood bakery.


He played a cat in his school’s Harvest festival performance.


Learning how to peel apples (apparently very exciting).


Who needs Hallowe’en as an excuse to dress up? Not this boy. This is how he decided to go to Sunday school a couple weeks ago.


Cinema date with my Brony!


Park weather.


New bike! He had almost outgrown his old one, so we left it in Berlin and got him a new (second hand) one in Edinburgh.


“Oskar, we are brothers. Let’s be friends!” 


Autumn Castle pic.


Intruders in my bed.


Early morning selfie to send to Oma & Opa.


Yet another visit to the museum…

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    6 November 2017

    Aww what a lovely post – autumn is such a pretty time of year and those cupcakes look divine!

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    6 November 2017

    I love your photography so much – more please! Even on the phone they are lovely pics.

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    6 November 2017

    What a lovely selection of photos! The cupcakes look delicious, and I’m very glad that you found the bed intruders before getting in, that could have been a little uncomfortable!!

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    6 November 2017

    Aw I love this idea! What a fab month – those Autumn cakes look amazing! x

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    7 November 2017

    That’s a lovely idea to capture the month in pictures. I love the picture of the cupcakes, they looked amazing. And I too get intruders in my bed in the form of Disney Cars models!

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    7 November 2017

    Great pics. Autumn is such an underrated season. Glad to see you and your family making the most of it!

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    Mudpie Fridays

    7 November 2017

    What a great way to record the month. I love this idea as a photo says so much more than words sometimes. Those cupcakes look immense!

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    9 November 2017

    Fab pics. Loving all the autumn colours and those cakes look amazing x

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