Stained Glass Easter Eggs

With the kids on lockdown from school, we are being sent daily tasks for them from school. Alongside all the reading, writing and maths, we’ve also been sent some fun creative tasks.  My P1 this week had the art task of creating an image of an Easter egg – this could be drawn, painted or crafted in any way he liked, so I decided to make some ‘stained glass’ Easter eggs with the boys.

Here’s what you will need:

  • some clear sticky back plastic
  • some tissue paper in a few different colours
  • a pair of scissors
  • an egg template (optional)

Prep: I prepared the sticky back plastic for the boys in advance. For each egg, you will need a piece twice the size you want the egg to be – ours were 11cm x 16cm. Fold the pieces in half, with the covered sticky sides facing inwards (so folded in half they were 11cm x 8cm).

Step 1: Cut up some tissue paper of each colour in to small scraps. I got the boys to do this themselves.

Step 2: Carefully un-peel one half of the sticky back plastic (I did this for the boys) and start layering the sticky side with scraps of tissue paper.

It’s okay for the tissue paper to overlap – this will created a nice effect when the light shines through them – but don’t layer too may pieces at once or it won’t all stick together at the end.

Step 3: Once you have finished covering that side with tissue paper, un-peel the other half of the sticky back plastic and carefully stick it on top of the tissue paper covered side, smoothing it down as you go. The boys and I did this step together.

You will end up with a rectangle of tissue paper sandwiched in between the sticky back plastic.

Step 4: The final step, is to cut out an egg shape. You could do this free hand, but to ensure the eggs actually ended up looking like eggs I made a quick template for the boys to cut around.

Ta da! We stuck the finished Easter eggs on to our kitchen window with some sellotape. They are brightening up our kitchen now.


If you make any stained glass Easter eggs of your own, I would love to see them! Feel free to share them and tag me in on Twitter or Instagram.


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