Halloween Eyeball Mocktail

Halloween Eyeball Mocktails

Since guising (as we call trick-or-treating here in Scotland) is off the cards this year, I’ve promised the kids a spooky Halloween dinner instead, and we’re going to make some Halloween mocktails. These eyeball mocktails are not as creepy as it sounds though, the eyeballs are just lychees with blueberries. We gave the drinks a trial run last week.

Halloween Eyeball Mocktail


  • Tinned lychees
  • Blueberries, fresh or frozen
  • Sparkling elderflower drink (or you could use clear lemonade)
  • Cranberry juice

The lychees were a little tricky track down, but we would some at our local Asian supermarket.

Halloween Eyeball Mocktail


  • Place a blueberry in the middle of each lychee, and pop them in a glass. You’ll want about 3-4 per glass, depending on the size of your glasses.
  • Fill the glass three quarters full with the elderflower drink or lemonade.
  • Add enough cranberry juice to make the drink go a little red, but still transparent enough that you can see the ‘eyeballs’ floating in it.
  • Add some cute straws to serve if you have any.

Safety tip: For younger children, we recommend taking out the lychees after serving the drinks and cutting them up, to avoid any choking hazards. 

Halloween Eyeball Mocktail

We’d love to see your photos if you make these Halloween mocktails, so please feel free to tag us on Twitter or Instagram. Check out our other Halloween posts too!

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