Hallowe’en Dinner: Monster Burgers

Happy Hallowe’en! If you want to give your kids a little bit of a spooky treat for dinner tonight, why not serve them up some monster burgers? We had these the other weekend, as part of our Hallowe’en festivities. They are super easy to put together!

For each monster burger just layer up the following in a bun (we used gluten free buns from Schär but any buns would do): some lettuce (you can omit this if your kids don’t like lettuce), a burger, a slice of pickled gherkin (you can buy these ready sliced ones for convenience), a slice of Edam cheese (or another cheese of your liking, such as cheddar) with a zig zag cut in to one side for the monster teeth, and a dollop of ketchup oozing out either side (blood!). Then stick two olives skewered on to tooth picks in to the top of the bun for the monster eyes. Finished! And yes, we made these for the kids AND the grown ups!


Disclosure: I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea. I’ve seen them all over the internet in the run up to Hallowe’en, and there were also some monster burgers featured in the latest copy of Tesco magazine. 

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