February Snapshots 2017

February in Snapshots, according to my iPhone (mostly)…


February started off with a trip to Wuppertal to visit the grandparents during the Berlin winter school holidays. Kids can pick up lots of fab freebies on the ICE trains to keep them occupied!


Pretty much the coolest tap ever, spotted at the Tammel Tammel Baby Lounge in Wuppertal.


Afternoon tea at my Auntie’s house in the countryside.


Back in Berlin, which was still very much in the grip of winter. To early to put away the bobble hats.


Valentine’s window display at KaDeWe department store.


Hipster spritzers – very Berlin!


Sadly, a large chunk of February was overshadowed by our younger son being severely ill with bronchitis. Boo!


Here he is feeling happier again – turns out 20 metre long hallways are great for skateboard body surfing on rainy days, haha.


A Sunday afternoon visit to the goldmine. Obviously.


Lots of sunshine yellow indoors – I’m ready for some outside now too!


February ended with Carnival, with the kids dressing up for nursery and school. The little one wanted to go as a pirate – though he’d been wearing that hat and scarf for at least a week already, so not sure it still counted as a costume.


And, finally, at my older son’s school they had the theme of ‘famous people throughout history’, so he wanted to go as a famous Scottish person. That’s my boy! If you search online for ‘Rob Roy’ you’ll find a photo of Liam Neeson in a very similar outfit and pose – totally historically accurate, of course.

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