Eis Schokolade Kaffee German Ice Cream Drinks

Eis Kaffee & Eis Schokolade – German Ice Cream Drinks

We have another German summer treat to share with you today. You’ll find Eis Kaffee (Ice Cream Coffee) and/or Eis Schokolade (Ice Cream Chocolate Milk) in many cafes in Germany throughout the warmer months. They’re so simple, they don’t really need a recipe, and once you’ve had one you’ll be left wanting more! This does require some advance prep if you’re making it with coffee or if you’re making chocolate milk from scratch. If you’re using ready made chocolate milk you just need to assemble.

Eis Schokolade Kaffee German Ice Cream Drinks


  • coffee or chocolate milk (or milk + cocoa powder to make your own)
  • vanilla ice cream
  • a tub of double or whipping cream
  • dark chocolate
Eis Schokolade Kaffee German Ice Cream Drinks
Eis Schokolade Kaffee German Ice Cream Drinks


  • For the Eis Kaffee, first make some coffee and leave to cool. You can use decaf if you prefer. I only drink decaf so that’s what I use, and it means the kids can have some too if they like. For the Eis Schokolade, you can use ready made chocolate milk but I prefer to make my own with milk and pure cocoa powder as then it’s not full of sugar or other nasties. I find the cocoa powder dissolves better in hot milk, so like with the coffee I make up a batch and then leave to cool.
  • Some people also like to add sugar to their coffee, or chocolate milk if making from scratch, but I think the ice cream is already sweet enough.
  • You’ll need about 2/3 of a mug of coffee per glass of Eis Kaffee/ Eis Schokolade.
  • Once the coffee or chocolate milk has cooled down, stick it in the fridge for at least an hour to get it really cold.
  • When everything has cooled down enough, whip your cream and grate some dark chocolate and you’re ready to assemble. You could use ready made whipped cream, but not only is it usually full of sugar, the spray cans are also really bad for the environment and it really doesn’t take long to quickly whip a tub of cream with a hand mixer.
  • To assemble, add two scoops of vanilla ice cream in to a tall glass tumbler, then top up with the coffee or chocolate milk. Add a generous dollop of whipped cream, and sprinkle the grate chocolate over the top.
  • Serve with a paper straw and a spoon.
  • Enjoy!
Eis Schokolade Kaffee German Ice Cream Drinks

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