Cranberry & Coconut Muesli with Cocoa Nibs

Cranberry and Coconut Muesli 03

I have a terrible habit of hoarding ingredients I find in shops, that look interesting and maybe I’ll make something with them one day. Of collecting recipes I want to try out and then I don’t. The upside of that is, when we ran out of muesli this morning, we had everything in our store cupboard that I needed to throw together a new delicious batch. My breakfast was saved. And the kids love it too! They don’t really know know any of those sugary store bought cereals, to be honest. I mean, they’re half Scottish. They’ve been eating porridge from the word go, and it’s not a far stretch from there to oat based muesli. Anyway, this one was a winner. And eating it from a cute bowl helps too.

Cranberry and Coconut Muesli 01


  • 500g gluten free oats
  • 200g dried cranberries
  • 50g coconut flakes
  • 35g cocoa nibs


Toss the ingredients together in a large bowl, until they are well mixed, then transfer to a storage jar. Simple! The coconut flakes were huge, so I crushed them a little with my hands before mixing them in. I like making big batches of muesli, though even then they don’t last long. This batch fits comfortably in a 2 litre storage jar. We use the ones from Ikea.

Cranberry and Coconut Muesli 02

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    Sarina Jackson

    2 July 2020

    Yay, I have all of these ingredients just sitting in my pantry!

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