Easy Playroom Washi-tape Wall Decor

Today I wanted to share a quick DIY with you, which is perfect if you are living in a rental and have limited options as to decorating. Of course, you can also try it out if you own your home! It’s so simple, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a tutorial. All you need is a roll of washi tape! If you are a perfectionist like me, you may also want to use a measuring tape and a pair of scissors, to ensure straight lines and clean edges.

Washi Tape House - Before

I wanted to liven up the bland white walls in the boys’ playroom a bit, but painting or wallpapering them is not an option. Above you can see what it looked like before. Along that wall they have their post office/ grocery store, and next to it their play kitchen. I wanted the play kitchen to stand apart a bit more, so with a roll of trusty washi tape I created the outline of a house around it. And that’s it! See, I told you it’s really easy. First I just eyeballed it, but it looked a bit squint so then I repositioned the tape with the help of a measuring tape to make sure the sides were straight and the same height. I also cut the ends with scissors, because as I said, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and didn’t like the torn end look.

Washi Tape House - After

The Boy loved it when he came home from Kindergarten, and Mr Fox was excitedly pointing at the wall. The best thing is, it’s easily removable without a trace if we ever move the furniture around or decide we want something different. Why not grab a roll of washi tape and give it a try yourself!

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