This week's summer camp craft project is a little more complex, but it is a super fun one. We are going to make a TV out of a cereal box and cardboard tubes, and then draw a 'film' to show

Following on from last week’s giant bubble science session, we made some small bubble wands too which are really fun and easy for kids to make themselves, and also make cute gifts. You could write out a bubble recipe to

In Germany, we have a lovely tradition for starting school - kids get a large, cardboard cone called a "Schultüte", filled with school supplies, little gifts and treats. When my youngest started school last year, he wanted to share this

Welcome to Week 5 of our free virtual summer camp. Today we are going to be making cars out of recycled toilet rolls. You could also use other cardboard tubes, such as from kitchen paper towels, and cut them to

This week’s summer crafting activity is actually more of a drawing activity, but it’s a really fun one and there is no end to the creative variations you could think up for the surprise drawings we will be making. All

Welcome to Week 3 of our free virtual summer camp! Today we are going to be making dragonflies out of clothes pegs. This is an easy and fun crafts and kids can get as creative as they like when decorating

Welcome to Week 2 of our virtual summer camp. This week in our crafting session, we will be making boats out of recycled egg cartons. There are two versions of boats you can make, with different masts using either drinking

Hallo everyone, and welcome to the first day of The Bear & The Fox Virtual Summer Camp! Today we have a crafting activity for you, and since many of you won't have had much notice, I've chosen something that you