Today is our first day of Summer Camp cooking, and we are going to be making mini flatbread pizza. These are really easy to make - no special flour needed, no faffing around with yeast. The recipe makes six small

Hallo everyone, and welcome to the first day of The Bear & The Fox Virtual Summer Camp! Today we have a crafting activity for you, and since many of you won't have had much notice, I've chosen something that you

Hello everyone! I have something exciting to share with you. With a lot of people’s summer plans interrupted, I thought I’d put together a little FREE virtual summer camp on the blog. The summer holidays started in Edinburgh today, and

The boys have been wanting to get a lot more involved with cooking during the lockdown. So Oskar helped me make this easy mild chicken curry. In fact, apart from cutting up the chicken, he pretty much made all of

I've got something very exciting to share with you all today. A couple of weeks ago, we launched a new business!  When my colour loving boys couldn't find any clothes they like in the High Street shops, we were inspired

The Summer Solstice and Midsummer are just around the corner. Last year we made our own floral Midsummer Crowns to celebrate. It's really easy - all you need is wire and some foliage. You'll also need something to cut the

Like half of the rest of the country, we've been baking a lot during lockdown and trying out new recipes. I've always wanted to try out using mashed potato in gluten free baking, so I experimented by mixing and matching

30 Days Wild kicked off in the UK this week. It’s an annual initiative by the National Trusts to get people appreciate, enjoying and engaging with nature more. Obviously we’re still a bit limited on what we can do right