With the Lunar New Year coming up, we decided to craft some paper lanterns to decorate our house with. They're really easy to make, but a little bit more advanced that the really basic ones you might have seen, as

This week’s summer crafting activity is actually more of a drawing activity, but it’s a really fun one and there is no end to the creative variations you could think up for the surprise drawings we will be making. All

Hallo everyone, and welcome to the first day of The Bear & The Fox Virtual Summer Camp! Today we have a crafting activity for you, and since many of you won't have had much notice, I've chosen something that you

If you thought paper chains were just for Christmas, think again! With Valentine's Day swiftly approaching, here's an easy peasy paper heart chain you can make in under half an hour. All you need is some A4 thin card or craft

With Chinese New Year coming up this weekend, I thought it would be fun to make some fortune cookies. I know you can buy them at our local Chinese supermarket, but there's so much plastic packaging involved and I can't

We love Hallowe'en at our house, and usually have some kind of Hallowe'en party or gathering. A few years ago, we went all out and had a costume competition and a pumpkin carving contest, and I created some prize rosettes