Pumpkin Patches in Scotland (updated for 2023)

Map last updated Monday 16 October 2023

It’s that time of year again. You may not want to be thinking about pumpkins in August, but the first Scottish pumpkin patches have started opening their bookings for October! Some people feel that pumpkin patches are a new fangled trend brought over from the US, but Autumn is my absolutely favourite time of year and our annual pumpkin patch trip is now something I very much look forward to (possible more than the kids…)

Last year, I shared a list of pumpkin patches across Scotland, but because I love making maps almost as much as I love Autumn, for this year I’ve plotted all the pumpkin patches on a map, making it much easier to find the ones nearest to you!

(Orange = patches confirmed for 2023; Grey = patches from last year that are still unknown)

I’ve added all the pumpkin patches I came across last year, and am regularly going through them all to check what their status is for this year. Those that have been confirmed for 2023 are marked in orange, and I’ve added any relevant details and links to the individual entries. Just click on the pins to open up the details. Those that haven’t been confirmed I’ve left on the map for now, because there might still be info coming (it’s on August, after all) but they have been greyed out. So, if like me you are eager to plan your Autumn festivities now, look for the orange pins!

Update (11/09/23): I have now removed all the venues that are still unconfirmed (previously marked in grey). I will keep checking them, and if any of them confirm I will add them back in.

One last thing, it goes without saying that I can take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. I have researched the most up to date information for each venue to the best of my ability, but it is your responsibility to double check the details before you head off anywhere (e.g. is pre-booking required, have any of the details changed, are there any cancellations).

So, I hope you all enjoy the last days of Summer, and here’s to a great pumpkin-filled Autumn!

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