April Snapshots 2016

April in snapshots, according to my iPhone (mostly)…

April 14

Ma 3 Boys!

April 06

Cherry blossoms are out.

April 04

Whether you’re 5 or 35, ice cream makes everything better when you’re having a bad day.

April 10

Sunday breakfast.

April 13

First day of Kindergarten!

April 08

Discovered a new playground.

April 01

So proud of his new bicycle tassels. He chose pink. Of course.

April 02

It’s getting warm enough to sit outside.

April 12

Checking out his new school!

April 07

Blue skies at Gendarmenmarkt.

April 09

Pretty heart-shaped flowers in our yard.

April 05

Sudden book buying splurge. I only went out for wrapping paper!

April 03

These guys xx

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