I'm sitting here late at night, finally grabbing a bite to eat and watching the GBBO final on catch-up, after the boys eventually came down from their sugar rush and fell asleep way past their bedtime. We went guising (trick

I've been very fortunate so far with my kids' choices of Hallowe'en costumes. A couple of years ago, Oskar wanted to be a snail, and most years he's been happy to just throw on his Spider-man costume from H&M. This year,

So, I hope you liked my Hallowe'en pumpkin soup recipe from earlier in the week! The second recipe I want to share with you this week, are my mouth watering pumpkin spice chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting! Ingredients (gluten free) For the

We're already half way through October, and I just realised I never posted our September Snapshots. Well, better late than never. Here are the highlights from the past month, according to my iPhone (mostly): Everyone should eat fresh cotton candy bigger

We've been really lucky with the weather in Edinburgh, since moving back three months ago. Lots of blue skies in summer and golden sunshine in Autumn. But, of course, we do also get rainy days, and in a quest to