My two boys are like little rabbits when it comes to vegetables, they will nibble away at endless amounts of raw veggies - cucumber, tomato, pepper, kohlrabi, carrots. Sometimes, when I'm serving a side salad for the grownups at dinner

EDIT 01/11/2019: Sadly, Gorgie City Farm has now closed down.  [line] Did you know that there is a farm, right in the middle of Edinburgh? After a rather wet week or so (not that I'm complaining, I'll take Scottish summer rain over

July in Snapshots, according to my iPhone (mostly)… Anyone fancy some 'Spargel' (asparagus) ice cream? Or would you prefer blackcurrant and matcha? One last trip to the newly revamped Lego Store Berlin New hair cut Packing up our Berlin apartment Waking up in Edinburgh! We can see the