There's no Friday 5 post this week, because it's National Chocolate Day - yes, there seems to be a national holiday for just about everything these days! - and what better excuse to share my recipe for chocolate almond torte

Apparently it's 'National Popcorn Day' today. I'm not entirely sure in which nation, but hey, any excuse to eat popcorn! And to share my favourite popcorn recipes with you. Because homemade popcorn definitely tastes best. We used to get those

We've had our fair share of snow in Berlin over the last week or so, much to the kids delight. Although the mild temperatures and rain have now turned the lovely snow to mush and grit, we did manage to

This past week, we've had our first proper snowfall here in Berlin this winter. We had just enough snow last weekend to go out for a round of sledging, snowball throwing and snowman building, and then a few days ago