{DIY} Recycle!

12 July 2012

After sorting out that dreaded space under the kitchen sink at the weekend, I was on a roll to straighten out the rest of the kitchen. The other sore spot is the recycling area. Under the sink we just keep the glass empties that are going back to the shop, but we also have an area where we collect glass for the bottle bank, plastic packaging & tins, cardboard and paper. And unlike the stuff under the sink, it’s always on view.

The easiest solution, was to put up a little curtain. I am a fan of curtains for making things disappear. First, I bought one of those extendable café curtain rails the DIY store, which even came with stick on holders so no further tools were needed to fix it up. Then I sewed a simple curtain out of some left over fabric to match the white colour scheme of our kitchen (well, it’s not much of a colour scheme, it’s just white^^).

Finally, the finishing touch was to add some felt lettering. I cut out the letters, then ironed wonder webbing on to the back – you’ll need the kind that’s got double backing on it.

Peel off one side, iron it to the felt, then peel off the other side, position it on your curtain, and iron in to place. And voila! Now everyone knows where the recycling goes, AND it looks nice. Double win*.

* I am sure it will only be a matter of time before the boy pulls it down!

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