Mini pillow from an old favourite sweatshirt

In the past, I’ve shared a tutorial on how I sewed a memory quilt out of my elder son’s old baby clothes. Today I’m going to show you an even simpler idea, of how to repurpose old children’s clothes you can’t get yourself to let go of, in three simple steps! Though in this case, it’s actually a favourite sweatshirt my kids didn’t want to let go of. It could also work with a T-shirt, but a sweatshirt is thicker and more durable.

Mini Spiderman Pillow 01

All you need to make a mini pillow is:

  • an old kids sweater
  • a pair of sharp scissors
  • needle and thread OR a sewing machine
  • toy stuffing

Mini Spiderman Pillow 02

Step 1: Cut along the top, bottom and sides of the sweatshirt in a straight line, as close to the edges as possible. You should now have two square/ rectangular pieces the same size.

Step 2: Turn the pieces so they are facing right sides together, then sew around the edges leaving a gap of around 10cm along the bottom edge.

Step 3: Turn the pillow cover right side out, fill with the toy stuffing, and sew up the gap. Finished!

Mini Spiderman Pillow 03

And here is the final mini pillow in the reading nook of the boy’s bedroom! Needless to say, they love it. This was made from a toddler’s sweatshirt, but obviously you could also make bigger pillows from older children’s clothes.

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    9 March 2017

    My youngest son is super hero obsessed and has loads of super hero clothes that he has grown out of. This is such a fantastic idea for turning them into (a) a keepsake for him and (b) having something nice to decorate his room with. I just need to be brave and try and learn how to sew to put your excellent idea into action!

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