Preview Halloween Lego Duplo Ideas

Halloween Lego Duplo Ideas

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog over the past week, as my kids have been on their October half term holiday and I’ve taken some time out to spend quality time with them. But the good news is we did lots of fun Halloween activities over the break, which we will be sharing with you this week, so it’s a jam-packed week ahead here on the blog! Starting with some fun Halloween ideas for building with Lego Duplo. Even though my youngest is almost six and very skilled at building with regular Lego, he still loves to build with his Lego Duplo too so I suggested we build something for Halloween and this is what we came up with. We made a little stop motion video too, to show the builds taking shape:

If you try making these yourselves, they don’t need to look exactly the same. You can adapt these ideas to whatever bricks you have at home – that’s the joy of building with Lego! 

Lego Duplo Halloween Ghost

Lego Duplo Halloween Pumpkin

What other Halloween creations can you think of to build out of Lego or Lego Duplo? Feel free to share your Halloween Lego Duplo ideas in the comments below. We’d love to see pictures too, so do tag us in on Twitter or Instagram.

Lego Duplo Halloween Build Ideas

Happy Halloween!


Check out our other fun Halloween ideas from our blog archives. Please note this post has no affiliation to Lego, it’s just a fun activity we did over the October holidays with bricks we already had at home.


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