hama beads fruity drinks covers

Fruity Hama Beads Drinks Covers

Hands up if you have a giant tub of hama beads kicking about the house? If, like me, you’re feeling a wee bit guilty about all that plastic, waiting to be melted together in to some random decorations, only to eventually land in the bin, then why not use the beads to make something useful and long lasting instead! Anyone who has ever spent summer outdoor dining fending off wasps from their lemonade, absolutely needs a drinks cover. So I rallied the troops and created a set of fruity themed drinks covers with our hama beads.

hama beads fruity drinks covers

We came up with eight different covers in total, though some are just colour variations of the same design. You’ll need a circular beading board, and 264 beads for each cover. Just follow the diagrams below, leaving the middle pegs of your board free – this will create the hole for the straw in the cover. As with all hama beads, once you have got all your beads in place, carefully iron your design on a medium heat from both sides – and don’t forget to put the protective paper between your beads and the iron! We also always place our ironed designs under some heavy books while they cool down, to make sure they are nice and flat and don’t warp while they are still warm.

hama beads fruity drinks covers

You’ll need the following beads for each design:

Watermelon: 54 green, 48 white, 150 red or pink, 12 black

For the watermelon, you can choose either a darker or a lighter green for the outside, and either red or pink for the inside to create different variations of the same design.

Kiwi: 54 dark brown, 48 dark green, 141 light green, 9 black, 12 white

Lemon & Orange: 174 yellow or orange, 90 white

Lime: 54 dark green, 120 light green, 90 white

The three citrus fruits are basically the same design in different colours, but the lemon and orange use the same yellow/ orange beads throughout, whereas the lime uses two different shades of green. You could also just use one shade of green for the whole lime.

Passion Fruit: 54 purple, 48 white, 134 yellow, 28 black

Dragon Fruit: 54 pink, 182 white, 28 black

The passion fruit and dragon fruit are also basically the same design, but the passion fruit has one extra layer of colour giving it two rings around the outside where the dragon fruit has just one.

hama beads fruity drinks covers

If you recreate any of our fruity hama beads drinks covers, or if you create some new fruity designs of your own, we would love to see some pictures so please feel free to tag us on Twitter or Instagram. Or check out our archives for more fun summer ideas.

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hama beads fruity drinks covers

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