Popsicle Prints (with free download)

I wanted to surprise the boys on their last day of nursery, and to celebrate the start of both the summer holidays and the start of a new chapter in my older boy’s life (in case you missed it, he starts school after the summer). And what screams summer holiday more than ice cream?

popsicle prints - wall view

So I applied the skills I have recently been learning in Photoshop, to create some digital popsicle prints (or ice lollies, as we call them in Scotland, but ice lolly prints doesn’t have the same ring to it, lol). Since my boy’s favourite colour is pink, it had to be a pink popsicle, of course. But as it’s easy enough to change colours in digital prints, I then decided to take it one step further and created three different colour versions. So now they have a little popsicle print gallery in their playroom.

popsicle print - pink on blue - The Bear & The Fox

If you want to have a go of making some popsicle prints yourselves, it’s just a combination of simple shapes really. The body is a circle on top of a rectangle, with another rectangle layered on top for the white stripe. The popsicle stick is another rectangle too. The eyes and cheeks are filled circles, and the mouth is half a circle. If playing around with Photoshop creating digital art isn’t your thing, you can also download copies of the prints right here! Just scroll down to the bottom of the page for the PDF links. Have a great summer, everyone!

popsicle prints - room view

Downloads (PDFs):

>> pink popsicle on blue
>> yellow popsicle on pink
>> green popsicle on yellow

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    30 July 2016

    I’m just getting in to Photoshop! It’s tough but these are amazing and have inspired me to keep going! Thank you for sharing :) xx

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