Home Tour: Car Nook

When you look at any home tours on blogs, Pinterest etc, you’ll quite often come across the word ‘nook’ – book nook, breakfast nook…etc. Well, we now have a car nook! With two car obsessed boys in the house, we’re always tripping over cars in the most unexpected places. So when deciding what to do with the little alcove we have in our ridiculously long hall, a ‘car nook’ seemed like a good idea.

car nook 01

It doesn’t stop them racing/ throwing (delete as applicable depending on age) the cars up and down the hall, but it does give them a little area to redirect them too when things need to calm down a little. It’s also great when big brother wants some time for his ‘bog boy Lego’ in the playroom, as I can take Mr Fox to the nook in the hall for some play time with cars.

car nook 02

The starting point for the nook was the play rug (I added an anti-slip felt underlay underneath it, to keep it in place and also for some extra warmth). The rug wasn’t quite as wide as the alcove, so I added a pillow plus black pillow case, to match the monochrome look of the rug. I think filling that gap makes it all look a bit more intentional, rather than just like a spare rug thrown down in the hall. And the pillow is also great for little people who need a rest from all that playing.

car nook 03

Finally, I added a matching felt toy basket, which I discovered by chance at the same store, a little while after buying the rug. It’s perfect for Mr Fox’s collection of cars. The orange plastic one was a gift – a singing digger, which does my head in at times but thankfully has an off switch. The other cars are part of a set from Ikea. They come apart and you can mix and match the different elements which is fun, and they are the perfect size for little hands – though that doesn’t stop him trying to get his hands on big brother’s cars!

car nook 04

Play rug & felt toy bin: H&M Home
Pillow, pillow case, ‘Stopp Filt’ underlay & wooden cars: Ikea
Mr Fox’s Outfit: Marks & Spencers

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