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Friday 5 - danish kids faves

Somewhere between my first and my second baby, I discovered my love for Danish design. Since we’d saved pretty much all our baby stuff the first time round, baby no.2 was fully equipped, which I took as an excuse to invest in a couple of additional high quality pieces, so he wouldn’t just have hand-me-downs. At least that’s what I told myself, lol. We were also gifted a couple of things, which became well loved favourites. These days, the boys’ bedroom and playroom are a happy mixture of budget, design and DIY pieces. These are some of our Danish favourites, starting from the top middle:

  • When thinking what to get a 5 week old for Christmas, a bedtime friend came to mind. I was on the look out for an alternative to a traditional fluffy teddy bear, when I came across this linen pig from Maileg in a local children’s concept store. You can find it in various online stores, for around 30 Euros. Just search for ‘maileg pig linnen’. Maileg also do a cute range of rabbit and mice toys.
  • Okay, I must admit, I asked for this cute little pull along crochet deer from Sebra mainly for myself. My boy has shown little interest in pulling it along. But it does have pride of place in the playroom, and he won’t let me get rid of “Bambi!”, whenever we are having a clear out. Ours came from Amazon, for around 40 Euros. Sebra also do a really cute pull along crochet elephant.
  • When my younger son was born, my uncle gave my 50 Euros and said “Buy something nice with this that you don’t really need, don’t spend it on nappies or other necessary baby gear.” I had the money in my purse for a while, but when I came across this beautiful large lion cushion (its 50cm across) from Oyoy, I knew I had found that ‘something’. It joined the other cushions in our reading corner, and has become a firm favourite. Again, I bought this in a local store for about 48 Euros, but you can find it in lots of places online – just search for ‘oyoy lion cushion’. Oyoy do lots of other gorgeous kids stuff to, we also have their monochrome adventure rug for cars.
  • This cutie from Lucky Boy Sunday was a prize I won in a giveaway on ‘The House That Lars Built’. She is made from 100% baby alpaca wool and comes in at around 65cm tall. ‘Bon Bon’ lives in the boys’ bedroom, and often joins us for cuddles at story time. If you search for ‘lucky boy sunday bon bon’ you can sometimes still find these dolls to buy online.
  • And, finally, another freebie. A free gift from Ferm Living, included in an order a made at Christmas time. This owl music box was a constant companion in the first couple of months, it came everywhere in the pram with us, and I pulled its string countless times. I absolutely adore Ferm Living, we have several other things from them too, not just from the kids range. You can find the ‘Olivia Music Mobile’ in their web shop at www.fermliving.com.


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    17 February 2017

    Your house must be so stylish! I really love that deer – would definitely be requesting it ‘for the baby’ if I had one…

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