Folded Paper Angels

Less than a week to go until Christmas! If you are looking for an easy, last minute decoration idea or just something to keep the kids occupied and stop asking “how many sleeps now?” for even a short while, then look no further than these folded paper angels.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of paper, 21cm x 23cm (you can use any paper you like, we used photocopies of sheet music)
  • 1 natural bead with 2cm diameter (this bead is for the face, so could also use e.g. pale pink or brown)
  • 1 colourful bead with 1.5cm diameter (this is just to add a pop of colour, to simplify it even more you could also leave out this bead)
  • 50cm of string (ideally sparkly, if you have, but plain string would also do)

You will also need a stapler.


Step 1: Fold one of the sheets of paper back and forth in concertina style, along the long side, with the folds being aprox. 1.5cm to 2cm wide.


From the side, your paper should look like this:


Step 2: Fold the top third of the paper sideways, as shown below:


Then staple it in place like so:


Step 3: Repeat with the other sheet of paper.

Step 4: Fold the piece of string in half, to make a loop, and staple it to the side of one of the folded sheets of paper, with the loose ends pointing down. Then staple the two sheets of paper together – your angel should now look like this:



Step 5: Fan the top part of the folded sheets of paper out a bit, to create more fuller wings, like so:


Step 6: Finally, pop on the two beads, first the colourful one and then the plain/skin coloured one.


Ta da! Why not create a whole host of angels!


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    19 December 2017

    Oh wow these look so effective and not too difficult to make. Love the music notes on the angels dresses.

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    19 December 2017

    Oh I love this idea. So simple and would definitely keep my son occupied. I’ve no beads at the moment but might have something else in the craft box we could use instead!

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    19 December 2017

    Oh I absolutely LOVE these!! how pretty and what an amazing idea to use the music paper for them! I am so going to try this!

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    19 December 2017

    Oh what a fab idea! I love these and being made from sheet music makes them even cuter.

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    20 December 2017

    Impressive angles you guys created, though I am not good with DIY I do want to give making these folded paper angels a try

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    20 December 2017

    Aw I really love the idea of using music paper it looks so effective! I can imagine making a whole load of these would look really good hanging in our house :) x

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    20 December 2017

    The children have made these for the tree at school at they look lovely all hung on there. I wasn’t sure how they how done them and now we can make them ourselves :-)

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    20 December 2017

    How clever are these! And so simple. They’re so pretty and you could make them for all sorts of occasions, not just Christmas. Lovely idea!

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    21 December 2017

    These look great! Think my lo a bit young yet to do them though

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    15 December 2022

    WOW these are so adorable and so simply to make. Thank you for sharing :) I love to have ideas at my work to keep little people entertained & active with craft ideas while the parents are having their appointment, so these are going to be perfect :)
    Best wishes to you & your loved ones for a fabulous festive season X

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