Advent Calendar fillings for a new mum

Following on from yesterday’s suggestions on filling an Advent calendar for kids, I wanted to share some suggestions with you today on filling an Advent calendar for a new mum! Because new mums can always do with a little bit of extra TLC and some pampering. And it’s a chance for them to enjoy Advent for themselves, before their kids get bigger and *they* will be the ones filling Advent calendars.


I had both my boys in November, and while I was flooded with greetings and gifts for the babies after their births, I also really appreciated the thoughtful gestures aimed directly at me, especially since it was the run up to Christmas. Because let’s face it – everyone loves getting gifts, not just kids. So here are some things I gathered together in an Advent calendar this year, for a special new mum in my life.

  • some special relaxing teas
  • cute sugar ‘cubes’ for her tea
  • a chocolate Santa for St Nicholas Day
  • a cotton scarf – for making her feel pretty, but also to double up as an impromptu cover for the baby, if need be
  • a few little beauty products to pamper herself, such as a face mask
  • some fruit bars for when she’s low on energy
  • a bag of sweeties for when she just feels like a little treat
  • hot chocolate blocks, for those days when tea just won’t cut it
  • a giant Lebkuchen, because it is Christmas, after all
  • some cute hair clips, just for the sake of it

Do you have any other suggestions for Advent Calendar fillings for a new mum? Please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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