Tills Second Hand Bookshop

{Edinburgh} Tills Second Hand Bookshop

It’s time to share another favourite bookshop with you. Tills bookshop is an independent second hand bookshop which I have been frequenting back since my Edinburgh student days. It was established in 1985 by Rick and Ann Till, and is one of Edinburgh’s oldest surviving second-hand bookshops. Since 2019 it has been under new ownership, after the Tills retired.

Tills Second Hand Bookshop

What I love about Tills bookshop is, that although it’s small, it’s crammed floor to ceiling with books, with a big selection of both contemporary and classic literary fiction, sci-fi, history and biography, philosophy and sociology, and the odd antiquarian gem.

There’s also a small selection of children’s books, to keep your little ones busy while you have a browse. There are a few seats and reading books scattered around the shop too, if you need to have a wee sit down while you contemplate what books to purchase.

Tills Second Hand Bookshop childrens section
Tills Second Hand Bookshop

Since it is a second-hand bookshop, the selection of books is always changing, but that’s part of its charm. And it means they also buy books, something we have made use of in the past for our various house move related book downsizings. They are very selective though, so if it’s just a small selection of books you have you can just swing buy, but for larger collections please get in touch first.

More information can be found on the Tills website.

How to get there

Tills bookshop is located in Newington on the east side of The Meadows, as 1 Hope Park Crescent. Lothian buses 9 and 12 stop right outside, and there’s several more buses that stop round the corner on South Clerk Street.

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