Bow Tie Fashion for Boys

The Boy is really in to bow ties at the moment. He’s always been a bit of a dapper dresser –  shirts and ties, waist coats and sweater vests, you name it. No wonder, with a daddy as a role model who feels happiest in a three piece tweed suit! I recently noted that The Boy’s wardrobe contains more button down shirts than T-shirts (his choice!), and how that’s a little ironic since ironing is one of my least favourite household chores. Haha. Anyway, the other day we went to buy a new outfit for Christmas, and low and behold, a shirt and bow tie were part of the ensemble. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of his current favourite outfits here with you.

bow tie fashion for boys

1. So, this is the outfit he chose for Christmas: a dress shirt with black bow tie, and storm trooper jeans! A bit of an unusual pairing, but the monochrome look makes it work. Heck, I’d wear this ensemble if it came in adult size! (shirt & twill trousers: both H&M)

2. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that The Boy’s favourite colour is pink. Sometimes he likes to wear all his pink things at once – e.g. his Oxford shirt and skinny jeans – which personally is a bit much pink for my taste. But when he adds his beloved sweater vest, then it breaks the pink up a little. One of his teachers recently complimented him on his style when he wore this outfit to nursery. Yup, that’s right. He likes to throw on a shirt and tie any day of the week! (sweater vest: John Lewis | shirt: H&M | skinny jeans: GAP)

3. And finally, if there’s something he loves just as much if not more than all of the above, it’s proudly showing off his kilt. He’s worn it to nursery a couple of times, or just down to the shops. We don’t actually have the full Highland outfit to go with it, he prefers to just wear it with his “normal clothes”. So he likes to pair it with a plain shirt and sweater. He’s not worn it with his beloved red bow tie yet, but I think it’s only a matter of time. (kilt: Edinburgh Woollen Mill | shirt, bow tie & jumper: all H&M)

Note: These are all outfits The Boy actually owns, however,  not all of the items are currently still available online. His pink shirt came without a tie, so he wears it with others from his collection, his skinny jeans are from Primark, and he owns a slightly different blue shirt and jumper, though also from H&M. I tried to find items that were as similar as possible to include here. Also, the kilt shown here is actually marked as a girl’s kilt, I couldn’t find a boy’s one with the same pattern online, but you get the idea of the look :)

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