Pillow Case Doll’s Dress

Today is the last of my DIY gift ideas here on the blog before Christmas. It’s a really easy doll’s dress that you can whip up as a last minute present, which follows the ‘pillow case’ dress method. It’s actually made from an old shirt sleeve, so I guess more accurately it’s a Shirt Sleeve Dress :)

You will need:

  • Either an old shirt sleeve, hemmed at one end, or a piece of material hemmed at one end and sewn in to a tube. Which ever way you choose, it should be a little wider than your doll and about as long as your doll is tall.
  • Some elastic.
  • Some bias tape.


Step 1: Fold your sleeve in half length wise and cut out a curve on the outside (i.e. not the folded side!) where the arms will be as shown in the picture below.


When you unfold it, it should look like this:


Step 2: Fold the top edges over and sew along the top of each, making the hem wide enough for your elastic to fit through.


Step 3: Pull a piece of elastic through one of the top hems you just created and sew in to place on one side.


 Step 4: Now ‘ruffle’ the material a little by pulling the elastic tighter, and sew in to place on the other side. I hope the picture below helps to explain what I mean.


Step 5: Repeat the procedure with the other top hem, then trim the bits of elastic hanging out.


Step 6: Pin a piece of bias tape around each ‘arm hole’ and sew in place.


It should look like this when it is finished:


And there you go, a quick summer dress for your doll!


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