{DIY} Haribo Goldbär

1 August 2014

In our household, we all love porridge for breakfast, especially with honey. But what to do with the cute honey jar after it’s empty? It seemed a shame to just throw it away.

But then it reminded me of the Haribo bear, and I had an idea! 

Whether you have kids or just have a sweet tooth yourself, you’re probably familiar with the Germany confectionary company HARBIO, founded by Hans Riegel in the 1920s – did you know the name is an acronym of Hans Riegel, Bonn? Bonn is the city where the company has its HQ. One of their signature sweeties are gummy bears, known in Germany as “Goldbären” or, in English, Goldbears.

Anyway, so back to my idea. I soaked the empty honey jar in hot water to remove the label, then two coats of gold spray paint later and…does it remind you of anyone yet?

I painted the eyes and nose back in with black acrylic paint, and the boy insisted I also add a mouth, even though the original honey jar bear didn’t have one. Then we tied a piece of red ribbon round his neck and voila!

Don’t you think he’s the spitting image of the HARIBO Goldbär? 

It’s not a hugely large jar, but you could use as a vase for some small flowers. I think I’d probably pop a few marbles in the bottom first, to make it a bit heavier and less likely to fall over. 

What’s your favourite kind of HARIBO?

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