Men in Tights

24 January 2014

Robin Hood may be able to pull off the ‘men in tights’ look, but tights are not something you tend to find in the average male wardrobe. However, when I first became a mum, I discovered that for little boys they’re not a fashion tabu at all. Having been born a week before the – at that time – coldest and snowiest winter in Scotland for decades, our boy has been in tights pretty much since the day he was born. Why should it just be baby girls that get to be snuggly warm in the midst of winter. Makes perfect sense. We managed to get a good selection of baby tights in neutral block colours- white, blue, grey – at H&M and Mothercare. 


However, here in Germany they seem to embrace the idea of ‘boy tights’ a whole lot more, as there are a wide range of tights available outside of neutral block colours. Last year we had tights with Spiderman, cars and pirates, above you can see a selection from this year’s winter wardrobe – stripes seem to be all the rage this year, as well as Christmas novelty tights (the Santa tights on the left look very pink in the photo, but they are actually ‘Ferrari red’, as we like to call it). 


Actually, one of the boy’s favourite pairs of tights – now that last year’s cars don’t fit any more – is this stripy pair above from the girl’s section at H&M. Personally, I don’t agree with all this gender assignment that we have going on for kids, both in toys and in clothing. Sure, I wouldn’t necessarily put my boy in pink sparkly flower tights (unless he asked for some), but why shouldn’t boys have fun, colourful stripy tights too (see the rather more muted stripes from the ‘boy tights’ in the previous picture for comparison). He chose these tights himself – he said the brown and navy ones were boring! 


Now that temperatures have dropped well below zero here in Berlin, tights are definitely part of the boy’s daily wardrobe again. And Spiderman just make just the best accessory for kilts, don’t you think?! 

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