The Annual Christmas Tree Question

1 December 2013

Every year, we have a discussion about our Christmas tree. More precisely, when to put it up. The husband would prefer to put it up at the first hint of Advent. I, on the other hand, grew up with the tradition that the tree does not go up until Christmas Eve. Which makes perfect sense, since it’s the climax of the Advent wreath. On the wreath, you light an additional candle on each of the four Advent Sundays. At the end of that comes the fully lit tree. Usually we compromise somewhere around the middle of Advent, but never before St Nicholas Day.


However, this year I’ve let myself be persuaded to put the tree up early, so yesterday we went down town to choose a tree and then trimmed it over the weekend. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever put a tree up this early, but the boy is so delighted about it all – he switched it on first thing in the morning, and said good night to it when he went to bed – that it feels worth it.



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