{DIY} Hallowe’en Rosettes

25 October 2013

We’re having a Hallowe’en part this weekend, complete with costume and pumpkin carving contests, so I thought some prize rosettes were called for. Keeping in with the party colour scheme, black and orange were the colours I chose.


To make the basic paper rosette, you will need:

  • a strip of paper ca. 12cm x 28cm. I use some high quality wrapping paper, which was a bit thicker than regular printer paper and was nice and glossy
  • a stapler
  • double-sided sticky tape


Step 1: Fold the paper back and forth, starting from a narrow end, to create a concertina shape. I made my folds aprox. 1.5cm wide. 

Step 2: Gather up the strip of concertina paper and fold it in half, then staple it once in the middle of the fold.

Step 3: On one side of your concertina, stick a piece of double-sided sticky tape on the top half of the outer most fold, then bring the two halves together.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side of your concertina to make a full rosette.

To make your basic rosette in to a prize rosette, you’ll need:

  • a selection of ribbons
  • some plain thick paper or card
  • ideally a glue gun, or other thick and quick drying glue
  • a brooch pin or alternatively a safety pin
  • your stapler again


To make the rosette “tai”, gather different length of ribbons and staple them together. I used one broad piece of ribbon to staple the narrower pieces to.


Glue the stapled end of the ribbons to the middle of the back of your basic paper rosette. I found that the glue in a glue gun works best, as it doesn’t drip and dries really fast.


Cut out a circle of plain card and glue it on top of the ribbons to cover up the ends, then glue your brooch pin or safety pin on top of that.


You could just leave the front of the rosettes plain, but to make them in to prizes, cut out circles from plain or coloured paper or card and, if you want, print out or write what the rosettes are for. Then just glue them on to the middle of the front of your rosettes. And you’re done!

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