Berlin Pumpkin Festival 2013

Yesterday, after having had it recommended by several people, we visited the annual pumpkin festival in Berlin Schöneberg, which was taking place over Saturday and Sunday along Akazien Strasse.

Oh my goodness, why did we not know about this in previous years? There were pumpkins galore everywhere, ranging from tiny decorative ones, through several mid range sized edible varieties, all the way through to giant ones weighing several kilos, sold as Hallowe’en carving pumpkins.

And to think we’d satisfied ourselves with carving small hokkaido pumpkins these last two years. Not so this year – we went home with a hefty five kilo specimen, which is now cooling on our balcony waiting to be carved into a scary lantern!

The boy was so excited by all the pumpkins – he’d been asking all morning when we were going – that he didn’t even beg to go on the kids’ carousel or any of the other rides. He did try to talk us into a balloon, but as the husband feels very strongly about the world’s depletion of helium supplies, that wasn’t going to happen. And anyway, they didn’t even have any pumpkin shaped balloons! They did, how every, have pumpkins shaped as snowmen and dinosaurs, which were a big hit with the boy.

For those who prefer decorating or cooking with pumpkins over carving them, there were market stalls with lots of different varieties to choose from. And anyone who couldn’t wait to get home to cook could sample one of the many pumpkin soups on sale.

In fact, there were also many other food stalls on offer, ranging from sausages and meat pies, to cakes and crepes. And whilst the pumpkins took centre stage, the majority of the festival actually consisted of stalls selling all kinds of crafts. Besides the already mentioned kids rides, there were also other family activities, such as face painting and pumpkin carving. And there was also musical entertainment alongside everything. All in all, it made for a fun day out.

The pumpkin festival may be over for this year, but if you’re in Berlin next October and craving some pumpkin madness, head out to the pumpkin festival in Schöneberg!

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