Happy Anniversary

12 September 2012

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember I blogged about our wedding last year to mark our anniversary. Well, another whole year had gone by already, and today we’re celebrating four years together.


We generally don’t give each other gifts for our wedding anniversary, just little tokens or gestures of our love. This year, I decided to make some personalised 3D initials for our living room. It’s such an easy DIY to do, I haven’t photographed the steps.


All you need are some 3D cardboard letters from a craft or DIY store, scissors, glue and something to decorate the letter with. I decided on using maps from places that are special to us. If you have old maps you no longer need, you can use those, but I’m a bit of a map junkie and couldn’t bare to cut them up, so I photocopied them instead.


I chose a different place for each letter: my beloved Edinburgh for my initial, Tokyo/ Japan for the husband’s initial (we met in Japanese night class and he spent a year working in Tokyo), and Iceland – where we went for our honezmoon – for the “&”.

I covered the sides of the letters first, cutting the strips slightly wider than the letters and folding the excess over. I then traced round the letters for the fronts and backs, cut them out and stuck them on top. That way, it kept everything neat and in place. As a last little anniversary touch, I added a heart to the “&”.


So, what do you think? Why not try it out yourself!

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